Benefits of Owning Platinum Jewelry

Platinum and Jewelry The Perfect Combination

Though platinum has been with us for thousands of years, and platinum jewelry has been around for at least a couple hundred, the material has only regained its popularity among consumers in the past decade or two. That’s pretty surprising, especially given how valuable, durable, and appealing platinum jewelry pieces actually are. Whether they’re being used as an investment or an accessory, platinum jewelry pieces are an Platinum Braceletunquestionable statement of good taste, good fortune, and good investment anywhere in the world.

Platinum Matches Pretty Much Every Outfit

There’s something to be said for a high-end jewelry material which dimly matches every outfit a wearer cant throw at it. Despite gold’s reputation as being the epitome of class and versatility, the yellowish hue that characterizes traditional gold simply can’t be worn with many outfits. No piece of jewelry should have to be left behind because it’s incompatible with a pair of shoes, a shirt, or even a summer tan. Platinum doesn’t have this problem, and its more reflective characteristics will actually help it take on the colors of an outfit all on its own. So, Platinum is highly versatile and adaptable. That’s a great way to get things started when making the choice between a number of precious metals.

Platinum Represents a Great Investment

Platinum Represents a Great Investment Outside of Mere Accessorizing

Platinum is a rare metal — in fact, it’s generally considered to be the rarest precious metal on earth. When a consumer considers just how Platinum Heart Slideexpensive the price of gold currently is, and then they consider that platinum is even more valuable, it becomes easy to see how any given piece of platinum jewelry is actually a great investment. These rings and other pieces are full of sentimental value, but they’re also full of real-world investment and trade value. That’s something that gold certainly offers, but to a far lesser degree. There is security in platinum jewelry, as it carries its weight and value in real-world applications and transactions.

It’s Common Sense for Platinum to Once Again be Popular

It’s no mystery why platinum’s profile among jewelers and consumers has been on the rise in recent years. This precious metal is as valuable as it is durable, as practical as it is sentimental. It offers a premium alternative to white gold, matches more outfits than yellow gold, and requires less polishing and maintenance than silver or nickel. What’s not to love?

Platinum A Rare Metal

There’s Something to be Said for Rare Metals

Gold seems to have all of the marketing power behind the terms “rare” and “precious metal,” but platinum is more than twice as rare as gold. That explains the difference in price, but it also explains why Platinum is considered so valuable as an investment and in jewelry pieces. Owning something made of platinum is extra special, a sign that someone was being extra thoughtful when they bought a jewelry piece. The rarity of platinum is the type of thing that will elicit the “knowing smile” from discerning onlookers who can tell a platinum ring from a white gold counterpart.

No Allergic Reactions to Platinum Jewelry

Gold, silver, and nickel, are not hypoallergenic metals. That means each of these materials can actually cause rashes when someone with sensitive Platinum Ringskin puts them on. It’s especially true for the hands and, since that’s where most jewelry is worn, it’s an important point to know as a jewelry shopper. Platinum, unlike the previous three metals, is hypoallergenic. That means no ring marks, no rashes, and no discomfort, when wearing a beloved accessory for a night on the town.

Low Maintenance is a Great perk

Anyone with silver or gold pieces can attest to the fact that they’ll need some polishing after a few years of wearing. It’s not necessarily a negative thing, and they’re easy to clean up and restore to their former glory. But why bother with that kind of maintenance when platinum offers a relatively maintenance-free solution? Unlike silver and gold, there is no danger of platinum tarnishing and losing that sparkle from the first day it’s taken out of the jewelry box. That bodes well for people who don’t typically pencil in a trip to the jewelry on a regular basis simply for a routine jewelry polishing.

It Feels as Luxurious as it Looks

One notable thing about platinum is that it cannot be misconstrued as a “lightweight” metal. Indeed, when compared to a ring made of 18kt gold, a platinum ring often weighs as much as 60 percent more. That contributes to a sturdier feeling both in and on the hand, and it will be pretty hard to forget that the ring is there before getting into the shower or doing the dishes. Think of it as both a testament to the ring’s quality, and a guarantee that it won’t take a ride through the trash disposal and drainage system at home.